Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm alone in a hotel room (again) after another day of stressful striving to achieve things that are not particularly important to me.

As usual, I found that the best way to deal with the tangle of emotions that were strangling my happiness was to write. This attempt at poetry was the result.

(c) Mike Kimera 2010

When the wounds of the day

And the sleep-debt of the week

Tap in to my bone-deep well of sadness,

Fierce anger ignites

Bringing momentary warmth and light

At the cost of a mouthful of ashes

Afterwards, in the cooling dark

Rocking slowly back and forth

I wrap myself in a thin blanket of regret,

Mourning the delight life once brought me

Finally, in the still quiet of my exhausted mind,

Words, unbidden but welcome, flicker into being

Little fireflies of hope dancing in the dark

Dispelling gloom with evocations of past happiness

and the promise that joy will rise with the sun.