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Starting 2006 in Print and on the Web

For my first blog of 2006 I thought I’d give some background on some recent publications in print and on the web.

I’m very pleased to say that my first ever short story collection Writing Naked is now available from Amazon.

There were some problems with publishing last year and people trying to buy the book were faced with a wait.

Now, if you want to settle down with a 200 pages of my best stories, you can get the book immediately from Amazon.

Here’s how the book is described:

In “Writing Naked”, Mike Kimera takes an original, unflinching look at the secret desires we all have: the uncontrollable sexual needs, the surprising -- and sometimes funny -- turn-ons, our dirty inner-lives that are rarely shown the light of day.

Through a lust for large women, 4 a.m. porn downloads, bonds other than leather, and men who like to be tied up, this book of short stories is a searing revelation of what truly goes on behind closed doors.

These are the furtive thoughts and shivering daydreams that tell us exactly who we are, especially in our erotic lives.

If you read “Writing Naked” please post a review on Amazon.

My “Postcards” story is in the newly published Aqua Erotica 2 edited by MEGAN WORMAN

One of the distinctive things about this anthology is that it’s waterproof and perfect for reading in the bath.

The common theme of the twelve stories in the anthology is crossing sexual boundaries.

“Postcards” is about how a passionate married couple deal with the separation imposed by business travel by using erotic internet “postcards” to keep them focused on each other. In the process they discover more about their desires and cross some new boundaries in their relationship. This is a romantic story strongly spiced with D/s fantasy.

Aqua Erotica 2 has stories some well known names in it and I’m pleased to be in their company

Too Nice a Person by Thomas S. Roche
Taking It All by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Postcards by Mike Kimera
How We Play by Debra Hyde
Just Tell Me the Rules by Cecilia Tan
The New World by Simon Sheppard
Entry Point by Shanna Germain
Forget-Me-Not by Cheyenne Blue
The Yacht People by Michael Hemmingson
Out of the Closet by Bill Noble
See You Down There by Steve Almond
The Marrying Kind by Mary Anne Mohanra

Sex and Laughter now that’s a combination I’m all in favour of.

Susannah Indigo has done a great job in creating an anthology that really will make you laugh out loud but is still hot and sexy.

I have a story called “Santa Claws” about a Christmas Eve encounter between a demon, Santa Claws, and a nice girl who was once naughty and now has to pay the price. Oh and did I mention that Claws has a 36” penis in the shape of a whip?

Susannah herself has one of the best stories in the book "Stuck Inside the Uh-Oh's With the Red State Blues Again"

Greg Wharton and Many Ann Mohanraj both add to the fun,

This is a book that lifts the spirits (and may elevate other parts of the anatomy)

Best New Erotica 5

This is the latest collection from Maxim Jakubowski

I have a story called "I want to watch you do it" which is, of all things, a romantic comedy piece about a guy who's girl friend has a strange request

You'll also find lots of other ERWA writer in here.

Maxim has a knack for finding the best that people have written in any given year so try this book out - you won't be disappointed.

While it’s fun to be published in print, my real home is still the internet and one of my favourite places there is the Erotic Readers and Writers Association

The biggest accolade you can receive on ERWA is to have your story placed in the Treasure Chest (use link). This is ERWA’s permanent archive and I strongly recommend it to you as a rich source of top grade erotica of every flavour and style.

The Treasure Chest was updated in January and I’m proud to say that I have two stories there.

In the “Quickies” section (stories of 1,200 words or less) I have Burger Queen This can be a disturbing read and was a brave choice for the Treasure Chest. “Burger Queen” is written from the point of view of a sociopath with a sexual fixation on a young woman at his local Burger King. It was one of those stories where I felt as if I was just writing down what the main character was saying inside my head. One reader of this story said “I work with sociopaths and your story rings true to their state of mind.” That was pleasing and chilling at the same time.

In the “Erotic Fiction” section I have Living with it: Up in the Morning This is, I hope, the first of a series of stories written from the point of view of a man who has just turned 50. I’m 49 this month, honest, but that feels close enough. The stories aren’t autobiography but they are intended to be a frank and honest look at sex and the 50+ married male. The “Living with it” part of the title is there because the series is about “living with” erections and the various things that cause them.

The first in the series tackles the early morning erection, sexual fantasy, masturbation and the reality of sex in the marriage bed. I think the next one will be called “Living with it: window shopping” and will tackle all those images and close proximity non-contact encounters that don’t count as cheating and yet, somehow, leave their mark on your conscious, your aspirations and your bed-sheets.

My guess is that we’ll have more of this kind of fiction now that the men of the baby-boomer generation have grey hair on their balls.

At the back of my mind lurks a story that starts with a woman (naked, in a hotel bed that is now tousled but not yet finished with) listening to her (illicit) lover shower and saying to herself: “Men in their fifties are exciting because they know what they want and how little time they have left to get it.” She’s smiling as she says this but even she doesn’t know if the smile is ironic, affectionate or bitter. As she waits for her lover she thinks back on the men she has known, what they wanted, what they got and how that makes her feel.

Of course that’s just one of a dozen or so voices currently trying to make themselves heard. I’ll let you know if she makes it to the page.

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