Monday, February 13, 2006

Riain Grey, 5 Girls and Other Bonds Than Leather

Over at ERWA I get the opportunity to see work by some of the most talented people writing erotica today. One that caught my eye recently is Riain Grey. She has a deft touch with language and the enthusiasm of someone who has found her voice and has things she wants to say.

Riain has just had a piece called 5 Girls featured in Cleansheets. It's a beautifully constructed short story in five pieces. Each piece is like an harmonic progression. The style is sparse and evocative. The tone is sensual and self exploratory. The passion and the characterisation are soaked into every word.

Riain also runs a pretty smart website called "who i want to be" and I'm delighted to say that she's featured my story "Other Bonds Than Leather". on her site.

Take a look at Riain's site and check out some of her stories.


candi said...

i just read two of your stories....the one that won the Rauxa prize and the one you referred to here on your blog....the ties/bonds story.....i was so impressed....thoughtful erotic ...with a wonderful sprinkling of truth..and human frality....and wonder thrown in. congrats on your writing.....these are very difficult elements to get into a story and show your skill as a writer......i look forward to finding and reading more stories.


candi said...

dang where's my spell check and editor when i need one?....
thoughtful erotica
human frailty
show your skills...(i assume you have more than one)



Mike Kimera said...

Thanks Candi,

I'm glad you enjoyed the stories. If you want to find more either go to or take a look at my book, "Writing Naked".

Thanks for stopping by


Anonymous said...

mike i just read some of riain grey's stories. those words painted a picture of what i dream of, i could visualize everything so easily. wow. thanks for the recommendation. i really enjoy your work as well,you both have such talent. i want to know how you people get into my secret heart? thank you.