Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Perfume" and a smile on the side - a movie post

I love movies as much as I love books so I thought I'd post a couple of movies things that have worked for me. Last week I went to see the new movies "Perfume: the story of a murderer".

Now I read Patrick Susskind's "Perfume" about 20 years ago when it first hit paperback. It was one of those original and compelling books that grabs hold of your imagination and just won't let go. The idea, thelanguage, the brutally frank execution of the idea, the complete immersion in the world of scent via text left me excited and illuminated.

I recommended the book to anyone who would listen and a few who didn't.

I never thought I'd be saying "Go SEE the film".

Firstly, Hollywood would never tackle something so gruesome and honest.

Secondly, how could you possibly do scent in a movie?

Yet I find myself saying "Go SEE the film".

It's not Hollywood (although some Hollywood faces are in it) its mainly German.

t doesn't shrink (much) from the imagery and ugliness of the book.

It does manage to convey scent graphically and convincingly


the quality of the prose sublimates into wonderful lighting, perfect use of colour and inspired camera work.

Go see this. You won't soon forget it.

At the other end of the spectrum, I've just found "How It Should Have Ended" a site that gives animated satirical alternative endings to the movies we've all seen. It also has a good review section. Give it a try here

( The alternative ending to 7 - click on the graphic opposite- is my favourite)

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