Monday, June 09, 2008

My kind of video

Most internet porn is a subtle as an ice ax between the eyes. It's rare to find something that engages the imagination in the same way that good erotic should. The piece below is remarkably restrained in this show-it-all-in-high-def world but I find it all the more erotic for that. Let me know if you agree.


Amanda said...

i do. and i believe that men would absolutely find this erotic because most male lovers i've ever had love to see a woman have an orgasm. but the ones on most porn videos are so over the top and easy that it's pretty clear it's fake. this one...feels authentic..the almost getting there, but not quite reaching, the look of frustration on her face, the gentle sounds...yep, damn erotic ;)

Anonymous said...


I have been trying to reach you unsuccessfully concerning your submission to Thaneros Online Magazine since the 26th of June. The story has been accepted, and was slated for our July 21st issue, now ten days away. Despite this, I have yet to receive either your bio or confirmation of your e-mail address for PayPal payment. As I soon need to begin the galleys, I must have this information ASAP.

If you are no longer interested in being published with Thaneros, please let me know. Either way, if I do not hear from you by Monday, July 14th, I will be pulling your story from our current line-up.

Ethan Thomas, Editor

Mike Kimera said...

Hello Ethan,

I've sent yo a mail with my bio.

I hadn't heard anything following the submission of the story so I assumed it hadn't made the cut. Sounds like there was an email problem.

I look forward to having my story in your magazine

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure what is up with e-mail but it simply isn't working. While I did receive your bip, I've had no luck getting a note through to you with two different e-mail addresses since. Because of the slow down in communications, we have to push your story in the 21st issue to the 28th. This will actually work better, I think, as we're re-vamping the look of the magazine, among other things.

Feel free to leave a note if you get this, and I'll try to communicate in some way or another.