Friday, January 01, 2010

Mike Kimera is back

Hello everyone,

Have you ever seen the dry stone walls that divide the fields in the North of England? There's an art to building them. Each stone is a diffent size and shape. No mortor is used and the stones are not cut or reworked. The trick is to lay the stones in such a way that they fit together in a patterb that allows their weight to add strength to the wall.

Although the walls are sturdy, sometimes they will start to sag either because of the slow but inexorable action of the rain and the wind or because some external event puts them under pressure. When this happens, the wall can't just be patched up, it has to be completely rebuilt. The stones have to be rearranged. The strength-giving pattern has to be re-established taking into account the changes in the stones over time.

It seems to me that my life is like a dry stone wall. I've built it with the materials that I had to hand and I've tried to make it as strong as I can.

In 2008 I realized that the pattern of my life had shifted. Stones that who's weight had once added strength had slipped so that all they brought was a pressure that put the wall at risk.

So I've been rebuilding. As part of this process, I put my writing and my Mike Kimera persona to one side.

Now I find myself with the "Mike Kimera's Erotic Fiction" stone in my hand and needing to decide what to do with it.

I realized that I couldn't discard it. It's not just that I need to write, it's that I value what I've already written (at least some of it) so, with help from a friend who's good at this stuff, I've set up a site on to hold Mike Kimera's stories. I thought this might be enough but it turned out I was wrong. I have stories in my head, some new, some that have been around for a while, that won't leave my imagination alone.

It seems that writing erotic fiction is still going to be a sizeable stone in my wall. I just have to put it in the right place.

I've bought myself a little netbook that I will use only for writing. I've put time aside to be Mike Kimera. I've rejoined ERWA. I've started to write again.

I'm aware that this is a stone with sharp edges. I will still write under a nom de plume. I will still not share what I write with those who know me, not even those who love me. But I will not let this be a source of shame. I'll just accept it as part of the shape of this stone.

On the other hand, I am keen to here from those of you who read my stories. I want to know what you think of them and how they affect you. That's why I selected WordPress rather than continuing to post stories here. Please take a look at the site "Mike Kmera's Erotic Fiction" and feel free to leave comments on any of the stories.

I will continue to use this blog and I will place the links to new stories here.

Happy New Year to all of you.


Anonymous said...

A Happy New Year to you as well! I am so pleased to read that you have found your way back to writing erotic fiction. Your stories had a charm to them that was missed when you stopped writing.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too! I'm glad to see that you're making time for this part of your imagination. I hope the exploration is profitable for your spirit and soul!


maxim said...


Delighted to hear you're not retiring totally.
Wrote you a mail some weeks back requesting your mail address so I can send you copies of Mammoth Erotica 9. Did you get it?
I'm at


Remittance Girl said...

So glad to know you're back.