Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An absurd idea

I'm in a hotel tonight (as usual). This chain has come up with a smart advertising idea that led my tired mind to absurd places.

The first piece of text to snag my eye reads:

"15 Minute Satisfaction Guarantee"

How many men can offer that 365 nights a year? I asked myself.

Then I saw what they meant was that they'd take care of any maintenance problem in the room (my specific problem is that the TV remote is now so remote it's no longer in the room).

But what they said was:

"Got a problem? We promise to take care of your problem within 15 minutes or you will be our guest."

So now I'm sitting here wondering if I get a free night's accommodation if I ring Reception and say "My problem is global warming. You have 14 minutes and 45 seconds remaining" or perhaps it needs to be more personal to be "my" problem so I should say, "My problem is that I'm bored, tired, too far away from home and I think that this is normal?"


Because I know my problem is... my head runs off like a hound following the scent of a bitch in heat every time an extra meaning grafts itself on to some else's prose.

1 comment:

janeway said...

You have a lively sense of the ridiculous and an active imagination, that's all. They're handy qualities to have.