Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A useful link for writers who want to format stories,novels and scripts

Recently a story of mine was accepted for an anthology. The editor thanked me for the story and then politely asked that next time I format it properly. I hadn't seen any specific request for a format in the call for submissions so I queried what was required and was told "industry standard formating."

Well, now I know what that means.

There is a helpful page on the BBC site, together with free software that has templates and shortcuts designed to help make your stories, novels and scripts stand more chance of being accepted.

Take a look here


Nikki said...

Hi Mike.

I'm quite embarrassed that I didn't know about all this formatting etiquette already. Thank you for pointing it out. I shall read carefully and learn well.

The other thing is that I'd love to get a hold of 'Writing Naked', but it doesn't come up on Amazon UK. I can order it from the states, but is there any way of getting it in the UK that you know of?



Mike Kimera said...

Hi Nikki,

I'm afraid "Writing Naked" is only available from the US.

You can order it here if you don't want to go via Amazon


Nikki said...

will do!

cheers. (But I do think it's a shame ye Britishe booke shoppes aren't graced with the presence of your book.)