Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Flash Fiction: "The Third Word"

Over on the ERWA writers list, we write "Flashers" - stories of exactly 100 words
with a begining, a middle and an end.

The idea is to try and sharpen our skills and see what we can achieve with a very few words.

I've become very fond of this medium - it keeps me focused.

I recommend it to any of you who are trying to improve your writing.

Below is a Flasher that is not exactly erotica but which I think is a good example of its kind.

The Third Word
© Mike Kimera 2006

Please, Daddy.

That’s what I whisper in his ear when I am spread and he is hard and
sweat is all that is between us.

Please, Daddy.

Passes my lips like a promise or a plea, rousing his lust, stirring my
memories, mixing his need and my guilt

Please, Daddy.

A prayer offered to this bar-met stranger, the right age but with the
wrong face, as he pushes into me

Please, Daddy.

As always, pleasure and shame race through me, my present and my past
bound together. Perhaps this time I will finally release the third word.

Please, Daddy. Stop.

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Anonymous said...

That one packs a hell of a punch into 100 words, Mike. Wow.