Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beware AMAZON CLOUD Widgets on Blogger Layout

Technically competent idiots with too much time on their hands have set out to make our lives more difficult than necessary.

Do not select a gadget called "Amazon Cloud" as a widget in the gadget section of Blogger. Although it's available via the blogger site, it is actually malware that redirects your visitors to a different site (who knows what else it does)

This malware plays upon the fact that you can't delete a page element in Layout without going into Edit. Edit triggers the divert before you can delete the gadget.

The only way I found around this was to find the widget in the HTML and delete it there.

It's a know issue at Blogger but it still pisses me off. Here's the address of the webpage I got diverted to. If anyone out there knows a way to send these guys a server-killing virus, you'd be doing the blogsphere a favour.


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