Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My first new piece of fiction in 2010

I've started to write again. I wanted to try something different so I've been writing a piece of Victoriana, called "Mrs. Prendergast's Gift".

It's about a young Colonial Administrator, on his last night of Home Leave in London, who is introduced to a woman with a mysterious gift.

It starts:

"Had it not been for a chance meeting with Carstairs on the steps of his club, I might have left London without incident and returned the Colonial Civil Service with a greater quietude of mind than that which I was subsequently able to achieve. But tranquillity is not all of life. Chance led me to Carstairs, who brought me to Mrs. Prendergast and her acolytes. She opened my eyes to a world that I had previously only brushed against blindly in half remembered dreams and I remain thankful to her for that."

I had intended this to be about 3,000 words or so but I hadn't reckoned with the pace of Victorian life. I think I've gotten inside the head of the narrator but in doing so I've discovered that he is not to be rushed. This means that the story is likely to be in three or four pieces and becomes almost a novella.

The first two pieces are written and the third is on its way.

You can find the first part on my story site here. I'll post the second part in the next few days.

I'd be delighted if you let me have your comments on the story on my site.

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